Psychology Lab.

Psychology lab has sufficient psychological apparatus, tests and transparencies which are related to various aspects of human development and teaching-learning process. The lad was established to facilitate students to have a deep understanding of Psychology and use various tests for projects and research work. College was pioneer in the valley to establish the lab and later guidance was provided to private B.E.D Collages as well in this respect. Psychology is foundation paper at B.E.D level


  1. The Library is well stocked by 10281 books.
  2. We subscribed 20 National educational journals.
  3. We have more than 1690 reference books on education. We have 40Volume of encyclopedias & 35 dictionaries.
  4. In Our library, we have internet, photocopy, printing facilities etc.
  5. The book Bank facility is also available in our library.
  6. Various E-Learning resources are available in our library.
  7. Our library is user friendly & fully automated.
  8. We have Del-NET membership.

PSGI Institutions


College has a governing council body which meets regularly to assess the progress and to suggest the developmental activities.
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