The M. Ed Programme of Barkatullah University, Bhopal, will consist of three parts a, b & C :-

A Courses offered:

(a) Foundation Papers (3)
Paper Subjects Marks
Paper I Philosophical and Social Foundations Of Education 100
Paper II Psychological Foundations of Education 100
Paper III Methodology Of Educational Research 100
(b) Optional Papers (2)
Paper Subjects Marks
Paper IV Specialization 100
Paper IV Specialization 100

B. Field based experiences :

related to supervision and evaluation of practice – teaching and other aspects of school experiences of B.Ed. Programs..

C. Dissertation:

Note: Out of the total marks 25% are to be internally evaluated. M. Ed programs may be offered on a semester basis and dissertation work should start towards the middle of the first semester. Specialization papers could be taught during the second semester.
Duration: One Year.

Special Papers

Detailed, in-depth study of an area of specialization comprising two theory papers, including a well-articulated component of practical work or fieldwork should be preferred to specialize in two areas as is the current practice. The specialization should include study of the Indian context and the Indian experience. Two of the Specialization papers may be chosen out of the following:

  1. Guidance and Counselling
  2. Distance Education
  3. Value Education and Human Rignts
  4. Language Education
  5. Comparative Education
  6. Teacher Education
  7. Special Education
  8. Education Technology
  9. Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  10. Curriculum Development
  11. Management, Planning and Financing of Education
  12. Environmental Education
  13. Science Education
  14. Yoga Education

Thrust Areas

There are many emerging thrust areas which are to be included in one/two areas of specialization. These are listed below:

  1. Information and Communication Technology in Education.
  2. Environmental Education
  3. Women Education including women's studies
  4. Gender Sensitization
  5. Human Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Privatization, liberalization, globalization and Education

Field Based Experiences (School Experience Programme)

This programme consists of the following assignments to be completed by each M. Ed student and the report is to be submitted duly

  1. ) M. Ed student and the report are to be submitted duly) M. Ed student has to make the Observation and Supervision of at least Five Lessons each of the two Teaching Subjects of B. Ed Trainees on the prescribed proforma for the supervision.
  2. Group Discussion shall be made by B. Ed Trainees on the Observation and Feedback.
  3. M. Ed student has to make an overall study of all the field assignments of B. Ed Trainees.
  4. M. Ed student has also to make a study of Pre-Internship and Post-Internship Program of B. Ed Trainees.


As you are aware about the University Syllabus of the M.Ed.Program, it consists of three parts:

  1. ) Foundation Papers and optional papers or Specialization papers [5 x 100 = 500 marks]
  2. Field Based Experiences related to supervision and evaluation of practice teaching and other aspects of School experiences of B.Ed Programmed. [ 50 marks]
  3. Dissertation [150 marks ]

In part (A) out of the total marks 25% are to be evaluated internally:

  1. Assignments on the related subject (Practical oriented assignment with data collection and analysis etc.)
  2. A presentation using power point, slide show, OHP. etc.
  3. Seminars and Symposium.
  4. Internal pen and Paper evaluation.

In part (B):

As Teacher educators, you are expected to supervise, observe and evaluate the Practice teaching of the B.Ed. trainees. This may include observation and execution of Micro Teaching, Preparation of teaching Schedule, Supervision of the teaching practice, etc. A file should be prepared and a detailed report should be submitted.

Part ( C) is Dissertation:

  1. You can select current topics/issues related to education, accordingto to your area of interest. Select about 10 topics related to it. You can get immense help from the internet
  2. After selecting the topic with the guidance of your teachers, select one most Appropriate topic.
  3. Submit the Research proposal (summary) of your selected topic in 5-8 pages.
  4. There will be a proper presentation of your research proposal, whichmay be discussed, cross questioned and modified. Then a final Dissertation will be made.



  1. Title- Should be concise and descriptive.
  2. Introduction - Conceptual background.
  3. Review of the related Literature - Examines the recent or historical work done on the subject.
  4. Need and Significance of the study or Rationale of the study - Why this study ?
  5. Limitations of the study - Areas and scope of student difficulties in getting materials and information’s.
  6. The objectives of the study- Purpose of investigation and the aims of the proposed research.
  7. Methodology - How to proceed
  8. Hypothesis-
  9. Sampling
  10. Tools
  11. Data collection
  12. Data Analysis
  13. References


  1. Title of the study -Study should be as precise as possible.
  2. A statement of the problem or Introduction -The problem of the study is to be stated and posed in clear unambiguous and precise Terms.
  3. Review of Literature -A brief review of the literature to be given along with indications as to how the present study would fill up the gap in the existing knowledge.
  4. Area and Scope of the study or limitations of the study -Specify the subject area and coverage of the study both in respect of time and nature of data to be collected for the purpose.
  5. The objectives of the study -Should be stated in precise terms of certain research questions for which answers are sought Through Scientific inquiries.
  6. Methodology
  7. Hypothesis-
  8. Sampling
  9. Tools
  10. Data collection
  11. Data Analysis
  12. Report Writing
  13. References - Final Dissertations should be submitted to the Guide. It will be evaluated by the external examiner, along with the Head of the Department and Guide. There will be detailed Viva Voce.

*After completion of the dissertation before the final Viva Voce. You are expected to have a power point presentations with clarification and cross questioning. This may enable you to prepare for the final Viva Voce.

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